Evaluation of the properties and structure of nanocrystalline surface layers in relation to selected constructional materials resistant to abrasive wear

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Jacek Górka
Artur Czuprynski
Marcin Adamiak
Adam Kopyść


The present paper is the result of the investigations of the properties and structure of nanocrystalline layers deposited from iron-based nanoalloy on steel S355N substrate by manual metal arc welding method (MMA) compared to selected abrasion-resistant construction materials currently used in industry. The resultant deposit welds were subjected to macro and microscopic metallographic examination. Working properties of obtained nanocrystalline deposits weld compared to currently used materials were evaluated based on the hardness, abrasive wear of metal-to-mineral. The results of deposits weld working properties measurements were compared with property of wear resistant steel HARDOX 400 type used as reference material.


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J. Górka, A. Czuprynski, M. Adamiak, and A. Kopyść, “Evaluation of the properties and structure of nanocrystalline surface layers in relation to selected constructional materials resistant to abrasive wear”, Weld. Tech. Rev., vol. 90, no. 9, Sep. 2018.
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