Coaxial Laser Wire Deposition of AISI 316L steel - research on influence of processing parameters

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Piotr Koruba
Przemysław Radkiewicz
Jakub Kędzia
Robert Dziedzic
Piotr Smuga
Jacek Reiner


Laser cladding technology is a well-established process, commonly used for deposition of improved-property coatings, repair of machine parts and additive manufacturing. Currently, in terms of application of laser cladding, the method based on powder deposition is much more common, as the use of an adapted nozzle allows the coaxial and direction-independent feeding of additional material into the weld pool. However, laser cladding with powder also has some significant drawbacks, e.g., limited powder feeding and melting efficiency, lower productivity and the resulting dust that poses a health risk to operators. The solution to these limitations is the use of additional material in the form of wire. To maintain the ability to coaxially feed the wire to the laser beam interaction point, a specialized cladding head is necessary. In mentioned system the laser beam, while being passed through the optical system, is divided into three separate beams that are focused on the substrate on the working point of the head. In this study, the COAXwire cladding head was integrated into the robot station and laser cladding process was carried out to determine the influence of the processing parameters on the deposition results. The parameters of the cladding system were identified, including the measurement of laser beam caustic. The experimental trials were carried out using AISI 316L wire deposited on S420MC substrate. The effect of the processing parameters on the geometry of the clad was determined with particular emphasis on the wire feeding.


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P. Koruba, P. Radkiewicz, J. Kędzia, R. Dziedzic, P. Smuga, and J. Reiner, “Coaxial Laser Wire Deposition of AISI 316L steel - research on influence of processing parameters”, Weld. Tech. Rev., vol. 95, pp. 67–77, Oct. 2023.
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