Comparison of abrasion resistance of wear plates

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Artur Czupryński
Tomasz Kik
Marcin Melcer


In this article results of abrasive wear resistance of a few different steel wear plates made by domestic and foreign producers in technology of automatic FCAW and manual arc (MMAW) cladding and metallurgical bonding of wear resistant layer with base material were presented. Based on abrasive wear resistance tests according to ASTM G65-00, in regard to reference samples from Hardox 400 steel and hardness measurements according to PN-EN ISO 6508- 1:2016 standard, products with best performance parameters on metal-mineral abrasion conditions were chosen.


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A. Czupryński, T. Kik, and M. Melcer, “Comparison of abrasion resistance of wear plates”, Weld. Tech. Rev., vol. 90, no. 5, May 2018.
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