Effect of Laser Welding parameters on Tensile strength of different metals: Meta-analysis

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Muhammad Rohan Shafiq


There are different methods of welding. This different welding is done on a variety of metals. In this paper, meta-analysis is done on laser welding, and studies are done on different metals. 232 research papers were selected based on the title. From these research papers, 47 research papers were selected based on the title. Finally, 16 studies are selected for meta-analysis. This selected data is normalized for the ANOVA test. In ANOVA test found that after welding ultimate tensile strength depend on power and before welding ultimate tensile strength, which verified by correlation plot. A forest plot is also plotted which shows that the data is significant. PCA analysis is done, which shows laser offset welding is irrelevant to welding ultimate tensile strength. 


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M. R. Shafiq, “Effect of Laser Welding parameters on Tensile strength of different metals: Meta-analysis”, Weld. Tech. Rev., vol. 96, pp. 27–33, Feb. 2024.
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