The assessment of welded joints microstructure for Inconel 617 alloy

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Natalia Konieczna


In connection with the adoption of the energy and climate package by the member states of the European Union, it is necessary to increase energy efficiency while minimizing greenhouse gas emissions to the atmosphere. Higher efficiency of power units with reduced emission of pollutants is possible to achieve by increasing thermodynamic parame- ters of steam (pressure and temperature). The replaced candidate for the most loaded boiler elements is the Inconel 617 alloy. In the national literature there is no detailed information on the evaluation of the microstructure of welded joints from the tested alloy. The obtained test results in the future will be used by constructors and designers in estimating the durability of welded joints of the Inconel 617 alloy.


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N. Konieczna, “The assessment of welded joints microstructure for Inconel 617 alloy”, Weld. Tech. Rev., vol. 90, no. 7, Jul. 2018.
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