Laser surface alloying of ductile cast iron with Ti + 5% W mixture

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Aleksandra Kotarska


The article presents results of the research on laser alloying of the ductile cast iron EN-GJS 350-22 substrate with the mixture of titanium powder with addition of 5 wt.% of tungsten. The aim of the process was to obtain surface layer with the in-situ composite structure. Laser alloying process was carried out using high power diode laser (HPDDL) with rectangular laser beam focus and uniform power density distribution in one axis of the beam focus (top-hat profile). The tests included determination of the influence of process parameters on the dimensions of the alloyed beads, metallographic macroscopic and microscopic observations, microhardness measurements of the laser alloyed layers and EDS chemical composition tests.


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A. Kotarska, “Laser surface alloying of ductile cast iron with Ti + 5% W mixture”, Weld. Tech. Rev., vol. 91, no. 5, Jul. 2019.
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