Attempts of braze welding galvanized steel with a trifocal multi-beam laser system

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Jacek Górka
Monika Kciuk
Emil Figzał


The paper presents the evaluation of the brazing capabilities of the multi-beam Trifocal laser joint system made of galvanized steel DX51D with a thickness of 3 mm, covered with a protective coating of Magnelis type. The brazed joints obtained have been subjected to metallographic, strength and corrosion resistance tests in the Ascott CCIP450 salt cell. The tests have shown that there is a certain range of brazing process parameters that allow to make the correct overlap joints of high quality with small welding distortions and a narrow heat affected zone. The obtained joints are characterized by a slightly worse corrosion resistance than the basic material, and zinc evaporation by means of additional low-power laser beams improves the solder's flow.


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J. Górka, M. Kciuk, and E. Figzał, “Attempts of braze welding galvanized steel with a trifocal multi-beam laser system”, Weld. Tech. Rev., vol. 91, no. 9, pp. 7-12, Nov. 2019.
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Jacek Górka, Silesian University of Technology

Head of Department of Welding at the Silesian University of Technology


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