Repair welding of cast steel G20Mn5

Marcin Żuk, Rafał Dojka


The article describes the effect of repair welding, using MAG method with solid wire AUTOROD 12.51 in the ARCAL 5 mixture, on the properties and structure of low-alloy cast steel G20Mn5 in two delivery states: after normalizing and normalizing with quenched and tempered. Repairing was subjected to casting with simulated defects made by me- chanical machining (milling). The obtained repair areas were subjected to: visual and penetration tests, macro and micro- scopic tests, hardness and impact tests as well as visual assessment of the comparison of the colour of the repaired material in relation to the base metal. As a result of the con- ducted tests, it was found that the structural changes in the heat affected zone (HAZ) are similar in two cases of delivery status. The impact tests performed showed higher impact strength in the case of a quenched and tempered sample. The appearance of padding on the surface did not differ sig- nificantly from the base metal.

Słowa kluczowe

coatings; cast steel G20Mn5; repair castings; MAG welding; heat treatment

Pełny tekst:



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Norma PN-EN 10293 OK Autrod 12.51 Premium quality copper-coated wire



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