The influence of the chosen welding technology on the microstructure and selected mechanical properties of welded magnesium alloy AZ91

Paweł Bolanowski, Andrzej Dziadoń


Magnesium alloys are a part of a group of lightweight alloys, which are important in practical use in constructions. The paper shows the results obtained by research into welded AZ91 magnesium alloy. Within the scope of research microstructure examination and tensile testing were done. Magnesium alloy was welded by two methods – 141 (TIG) and 522 (laser gas welding). The values of tensile strength of welded joints in majority cases were higher than values of tensile strength of the base material. The microstructure examination and chemical analysis made it possible to expla- in the phenomena occurring in the AZ91 during welding. 

Słowa kluczowe

AZ91 magnesium alloy; welding, mechanical properties; microstructure; welded joint; topy magnezu; spawanie; właściwo- ści mechaniczne; mikrostruktura; złącze spawane

Pełny tekst:

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