Welding of mobile elevating work platforms

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Abilio Silva
Bożena Szczucka-Lasota
Tomasz Węgrzyn
Adam Jurek


The demand for new welding technologies in civil engineering and transport is increasing. An example of this is the tendency to increase the operating range of a mobile platform mounted on motor vehicles while maintaining the weight of the vehicle. The most commonly used material in the production of mobile platforms are AHSS steels due to their high tensile strength at the level of 1400 MPa. However, the joints created with their use are characterized by much lower strength than the native material. In this article, the most appropriate parameters for welding elements of a mobile platform from difficult-to-use steel AHSS were selected.


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A. Silva, B. Szczucka-Lasota, T. Węgrzyn, and A. Jurek, “Welding of mobile elevating work platforms”, WeldTechRev, vol. 91, no. 6, pp. 15-20, Oct. 2019.


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