Research on the properties of high chromium cast iron overlay welds deposited by tubular electrodes

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Michał Szymura
Artur Czupryński
Maciej Różański


In the paper, there were shown the results of research on the properties of overlay welds consisted of one and three layers deposited by three types of tubular electrodes of the Fe-Cr-C alloy, Fe-Cr-C-Nb-Mo-W-V alloy and composite consist of tungsten carbide particles in the Fe-Cr-C alloy matrix. The study of hardfacing deposits included: test of met- al-mineral abrasion resistance, metallographic examinations, analysis of chemical compo- sition, and hardness tests. The test of abrasive usage in metal-mineral friction was made according to the procedure A of the ASTM G 65 standard.


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M. Szymura, A. Czupryński, and M. Różański, “Research on the properties of high chromium cast iron overlay welds deposited by tubular electrodes”, Weld. Tech. Rev., vol. 90, no. 10, Oct. 2018.
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