Laser creation of padding welds hard, abrasion and corrosion resistant

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Artur Wypych


The work shows the ability to create laser padding welds of steel as Hardox type with the use of additional materials in the form of powders on the properties of hard, abrasion- and corrosion resistant. The padding welds were subjected to mechanical and corrosion tests, based on which the top layers with the best properties in the predicted natural operating conditions were selected. At the time of testing have been taken into account the morphology and chemical composition of powders, applied process parameters, geometry of padding welds, the microstructure, operating environment, the phase composition of padding welds, the distribution of elements in the padding weld and the HAZ, microhardness, resistance to erosion and corrosion resistance. 


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A. Wypych, “Laser creation of padding welds hard, abrasion and corrosion resistant”, WeldTechRev, vol. 89, no. 10, Oct. 2017.



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