The influence of solution annealing temperature on the properties of Lean Duplex 2101 welded joints in tubes

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Grzegorz Rogalski
Aleksandra Świerczyńska
Dariusz Fydrych
Michał Landowski


The article presents a technology of TIG longitudinal welding without filler material (142) of heat exchanger tubes made of Lean Duplex 2101. The results of studies on the effect of heat treatment (solution annealing) on tensile strength, plasticity, delta ferrite and the structure of smooth tubes are shown. It was found, that the change in solution annealing temperature across the tested range has an impact on mechanical properties of welded tubes and the most advantageous solution annealing temperature (1050 °C) was determined.


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G. Rogalski, A. Świerczyńska, D. Fydrych, and M. Landowski, “The influence of solution annealing temperature on the properties of Lean Duplex 2101 welded joints in tubes”, Weld. Tech. Rev., vol. 91, no. 4, Jun. 2019.
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