Application of a device for the production of electrovalves by High Speed Friction Welding HSFW and FSW welding

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Damian Miara
Jolanta Matusiak
Adam Pietras
Mateusz Świetlik
Saverio Zitti


In order to meet the current requirements of the automotive industry, associated with the creation of a machining center for the production of cylindrical welded and turned components for the construction of solenoid valves, innovative technologies are needed for joining different materials of construction. The article presents the results of the research on the applicability, production of steel electrovalves elements in the AISI303 and 11SMnPb30 grades, an innovative solution consisting in the combination of HSFW high speed friction welding and friction welding using the FSW method. As part of the research, inter alia, a welding station, selection of the shape and dimensions of tools, selection of welding parameters for the HSFW / FSW method, and tests of mechanical properties of the resulting joints were carried out. The obtained results indicate that the obtained connections are characterized by high and reproducible quality.


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D. Miara, J. Matusiak, A. Pietras, M. Świetlik, and S. Zitti, “Application of a device for the production of electrovalves by High Speed Friction Welding HSFW and FSW welding ”, Weld. Tech. Rev., vol. 91, no. 11, pp. 33–40, Dec. 2019.
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