The amplitude-frequency measurement in non-destructive testing using the eddy current method

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Adam Kondej
Artur Szczepański


The paper describes a miniaturized device that records changes in voltage amplitude and signal frequency. After applying the measuring probe to the surface of the tested material, the voltage and frequency amplitude changes. In a place free from defects and nonconformities values of voltage amplitude and frequency are taken as reference values, with which the results obtained during further tests are compared. A clear change in the value of any of the parameters indicates a change in the condition of the tested material. Registration of two parameters with different sensitivityfor selected factors allows for a more accurate analysis of the condition of the testedmaterial. The miniaturized device can works in manual measurement mode or in auto-matic mode, it can be used in defectoscopy, structure and thickness measurements.


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A. Kondej and A. Szczepański, “The amplitude-frequency measurement in non-destructive testing using the eddy current method”, Weld. Tech. Rev., vol. 90, no. 11, Nov. 2018.
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