Modeling of residual stresses in the process of microplasma remelting of Al coating on steel substrate

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Jolanta Zimmerman
Dariusz Golański
Tomasz Chmielewski


The paper presents the results of residual stress modeling in FeAl surface layer produced in the process of microplasma remelting of aluminum coating previously sprayed onto a steel substrate. The plane stress numerical model (FEM) of FeAl-steel substrate system with geometry and dimensions re ecting real samples has been built. The coupled thermo-mechanical analysis has been conducted in which the remelting parameters ensuring formation of FeAl surface layer were used. The analysis showed the existence of tensile residual stresses in the intermetallic layer and compressive stresses inside the substrate material. Additionally, the conducted de ection measurement of produced samples with FeAl layer allowed to verify developed numerical model of analyzed FeAl/steel system. 


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J. Zimmerman, D. Golański, and T. Chmielewski, “Modeling of residual stresses in the process of microplasma remelting of Al coating on steel substrate”, Weld. Tech. Rev., vol. 89, no. 12, Dec. 2017.
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