Influence of vacuum brazing temperature on the microstructure of an Inconel 783 superalloy joint with a honeycomb sealing made of Hastelloy X superalloy

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Kamil Krystek
Irena Dul
Maciej Motyka


The purpose of this work was to assess the influence ofbrazing temperature on microstructure of the cobalt-based Inconel 783 superalloy joint with nickel-based Hastelloy X superalloy ‒ seal shaped in honeycomb structure. Brazing process was combined with solution heat treatment of Inconel 783 in one operation. Nickel based brazing filler metal from BNi-2 group was used. Tests were conducted in 1121 °C (solutionizing temperature), 1075 °C and 1030 °C in 1 hour. Subsequently, metallographic investigations were made using optical and scanning electron microscopes, mainly focused on changes in a seal made of Hastelloy X, where joint erosion in higher temperature was observed.


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K. Krystek, I. Dul, and M. Motyka, “Influence of vacuum brazing temperature on the microstructure of an Inconel 783 superalloy joint with a honeycomb sealing made of Hastelloy X superalloy”, Weld. Tech. Rev., vol. 91, no. 9, pp. 27-37, Nov. 2019.
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